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Scent Descriptions


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Some fragrances are very limited. Orders will be filled on a first come, first served basis. In the event that a fragrance is sold out, we'll contact you for instructions regarding substitutions. Packaging may vary.
These items are not eligible for additional discounts.

perfume oil

Perfume Oil Blowout (Full size 10 mL each, 8 scents)
$25.00 (60% off)

Highly-scented seasonal fragrances blended into a scent neutral meadowfoam and coconut oil derived base and packaged in portable roll-on bottles. Paraben free and vegan friendly!

perfume oil

Perfume Oil Set (Full size 15 mL each, 5 scents)
$25.00 (50% off)

Highly-scented seasonal fragrances blended into a scent neutral meadowfoam and coconut oil derived base and packaged in portable roll-on bottles. Paraben free and vegan friendly!

body butter

4.7 oz Body Butter Buy One, Get 1 Free!
$10.00 (50% off)

This rich, creamy blend of shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, avocado oil, and aloe was developed to combat and soothe dry, rough skin to leave you soft, supple, and thoroughly moisturized. Paraben free and vegan friendly!

body lotion

4 oz Body Lotion Buy One, Get 1 Free!
$7.95 (50% off)

A best seller since the beginning, our body lotion also contains richly moisturizing cocoa and mango butters, babassu and almond oils and soothing aloe yet melts instantly into skin to soften and soothe any time of day. Paraben free and vegan friendly!

banana coconut facial mask

4 oz Banana Creme Facial Mask
$9.00 (50% off)

Perfect for dry, sensitive skin, gentle kaolin clay helps to balance the skin's sebum activity and increase circulation as coconut milk conditions the skin to reduce redness and irritation. Banana, rich in amino acids, potassium and vitamins A, B, C, and E, provides additional moisture and nutrients while soy cleanses, tones, refines, and gently sloughs dead skin cells to leave your complexion clean, renewed, and radiant. Dry powder comes with complete mixing instructions. Unboxed.


pumpkin oatmeal facial mask

4 oz Pumpkin Oatmeal Facial Mask
$9.00 (50% off)

Pumpkin's natural betacarotene, enzymes, and vitamins exfoliates dead skin cells and removes impurities while naturally occurring antioxidants smooth the skin. Australian clays tone and refine while oatmeal and milk proteins reduce redness and replenish moisture. Dry powder comes with complete mixing instructions. Unboxed.


strawberry facial mask

4 oz Strawberry Coconut Facial Mask
$9.00 (50% off)

Rich in vitamin C, strawberries stimulate tired skin while natural fruit acids deep clean and remove impurities. Oatmeal and milk reduce redness and replenish moisture while Australian pink clay tones and refines skin. Dry powder comes with complete mixing instructions. Unboxed.


Cucumber Toner

4 oz Cucumber Mint Facial Toner

Our gentle Cucumber Mint Facial Toner combines naturally astringent witch hazel along with cucumber distillate, soothing aloe, and antioxidant extracts of green tea, white tea, and red raspberry to leave skin soft and clean. Our toner blasts away residual traces of cleanser, dirt, and makeup while minimizing pores. Natural cucumber and mint aroma provides a refreshing lift any time of day.


Green Tea & Ginger Soap

Green Tea & Ginger Handmade Soap

Scent synopsis: An herbal blend of fresh green tea and warm ginger.

Our handmade from scratch cold process soap blend is high in olive oil combined with sunflower oil, coconut oil, and ethically sourced palm oil and fortified with cocoa butter and creamy coconut milk to gently cleanse skin. This particular batch also has a splash of brewed green tea.


Sucre Bleu Soap

Sucre Bleu Handmade Soap

Scent synopsis: Toasty notes of caramelized sugar yield to woodsy cedar and warm tonka bean followed by herbs, spices, and mandarin.

Our handmade from scratch cold process soap blend is high in olive oil combined with sunflower oil, coconut oil, and ethically sourced palm oil and fortified with cocoa butter and creamy coconut milk to gently cleanse skin.


Tahitian Treasures Conditioner

4 oz Tahitian Treasure Conditioner

Studies have shown Monoi de Tahiti oil to have a repairing effect on dry, damaged hair, resulting in a smoother cuticle and shinier hair. Mango butter, passionfruit oil, jojoba, wheat protein, and pro-vitamin B5 provide additional nourishment to both the hair and scalp. Enjoy the feeling of silky soft tresses as the aroma of natural tiare blossoms invades your senses. Tahitian Treasure Conditioner contains no silicones, parabens, synthetic fragrances, colors, or animal by-products.


Clearance Scents
Acai Berry Sparkling hints of citrus, raspberry, strawberry, cassis, red currant and melons blend together to recreate the aroma of these precious berries, found only at the top of acai palm trees in the Amazon Rainforest.
Almond Marzipan A blend of sweet, rich, thick honey with tiny hints of light chocolate and luscious sweet almonds. Slight notes of cinnamon and coconut are tucked into a fabulous thick vanilla creme!
Amber Gold Warm musky amber.
Apple Jack** The perfect blend of apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove with hints of sweet orange slices.
Bamboo Leaf A sparkling splash of citrus and sweet florals of jasmine and rose join green leaves in a delightfully fresh scent.
Bamboo Teak This aromatic blend of jungle teakwood, sandalwood and fresh bamboo is complimented with a touch of vetiver and soft powdery musk.
Banana Pecan Cheesecake Creamy banana swirled cheesecake in a pecan and cookie crust.
Banana Pudding Thick and creamy vanilla pudding filled with ripe bananas and vanilla wafers.
Banana Spice Cake** Warm golden cake filled with ripe bananas and barely a hint of nutmeg and allspice.
Be Thankful** Warm and inviting, this fragrance combines the festive aromas of pumpkin pie, warm spices, apple pie and freshly baked cookies.
Believe in Happiness This cheerful blend of fruits and flowers begins with peach, lime and soft green petals. The heart combines white orchid, creamy rose and lilies of the valley blended with bottom notes of bright floral musk.
Believe in Love A top note of sweet pineapple and bergamot leads to a soft floral blend of white cedar, woody violet and night blooming jasmine. Bottom notes of sweet balsam, velvety amber, sandalwood and musk provide the finishing touch to this lovely blend.
Believe in Peace Imagine a beautiful white musk with a top note of citrus bergamot fruity jasmine. The heart blends soft violet, honeysuckle and white lilies. The dry down is a sensual blend of ylang ylang and musk.
Bella Princesa Top notes of water lily, lady apples, mandarin, and apricot are intertwined with floral notes of Tahitian tiare and wild tuberose to form a fragrance that's fit for any princess!
Berry Bliss Cake This scrumptious fragrance includes notes of freshly baked white cake with wild berries sprinkled throughout the batter, a hint of almond extract and citrus zest.
Berry Blush Luscious dark berries sweetened with hints of vanilla...a truly sophisticated berry blend!
Berry Wine A robust chilled berry-infused wine aroma.
Black Vetiver Cafe Spicy and fragrant, this scent is resplendent with smoky notes of vetiver grass and aromatic woods of cypress, chapparal, and sandalwood. Lovely nuances of sweet balsam and nutmeg provide softness while the subtle hint of exhilarating floral tones of Zimbabwe coffee lend a surprising finish.
Black Raspberry Sweet dark berries with a sprinkle of sugar.
Black Raspberry Soda This mouthwateringly unique blend opens with a burst of fizzy lemon lime soda, but wait for it... sultry dark berries come shining through in a long, cool drink for your skin!
Blackberry Blaze Juicy blackberries warmed with amber, vanilla, sandalwood and musk.
Blackberry Magnolia Ripe blackberries mingle with notes of apple, magnolia, melon and sugar crystals.
Blackberry Tonka A burst of berry tones intertwines with lively green elements to create a fresh accent for this sensuous blend. American cedar braces an accord of exotic wood to enhance the fruity characteristics. A rich undertone of tonka bean and amber is laced with musk at the base of the scent.
Blooming Jasmine Single note floral jasmine. *Limited Edition*
Blueberry Syrup Blueberries and sweet sugar with a touch of grape juice.
Brown Sugar & Spice An intricate combination of brown sugar, spice notes, and green tea. Buttered citrus top notes of lemon and orange give way to a luscious middle of maple, nutmeg, green tea, and jasmine. A soft, sumptuous bottom is provided by musk, sandalwood, and vanilla.
Cake Bake Sweet baked vanilla cake.
Cake Batter *SOLD OUT* There's nothing like the smell of freshly mixed batter dripping from the beaters!
Cannabis Rose ***SOLD OUT*** Shimmering green fern and cannabis notes unfold to reveal a rich floral accord of violet and as a warm blend of cashmere wood surrounds the floralcy, while sensual undertones of musk and golden amber soften the scent from within.
Caramel Banana Twinkie Cake Yellow sponge cake filled with vanilla cream filling, garnished with sweetened banana syrup and drizzled with melted caramel.
Caramel Cloud Goeey caramel whipped with buttercream, sweet milk, and vanilla into fluffy cloud candies.
Caramel Corn Buttery popcorn drenched in rich, gooey caramel.
Carnaval Experience Carnival in Rio with this delicious blend of tangerine, pineapple, papaya, pina colada, sugar cane, peach, driftwood, sandalwood and musk.
Cherry Chip Cake Sweet vanilla cake studded with red cherries.
Cherry Float Vanilla ice cream floats in a tall glass of cherry soda!
Childhood A bouquet of exotic flowers melds with notes of caramel and musk. Sweet innocent with a naughty streak that just can't be contained!
Chocolate Lava Cake Rich chocolate cake spiked with cayenne on a flowing bed of chocolate lava shot through with spiced caramel.
Chocoluscious A tantalizing confection of light citrus, nutty hazelnut and sweet chocolate combined with warm vanilla and spicy floral notes. This is NOT a foody-type chocolate, but rather, a lovely sugary perfume.
Cider & Sticks** Sweet spiced apple cider.
Citrus Sage A burst of lemon, lime and grapefruit gives way to strong, herbal sage.
Confetti Cake Rich vanilla cake scattered with colorful sugar sprinkles.
Cranberry Fig A sophisticated and aromatic blend of fig essence, ripe cranberries, and apples with subtle hints of vanilla, woods, and musk. An outstanding and favorite holiday fragrance.
Cranberry Ice Slushy sweetened cranberry puree.
Creme Vanille Vanilla lovers rejoice in whipped vanilla cream with whispers of white sugar sprinkled throughout!
Cucumber Melon A refreshing blend of cucumber, honeydew, and watermelon.
Daffodil Tangerine Sun-kissed tangerine and peach brighten a soft floral background of pink jasmine and yellow daffodils.
Dark Chocolate Martini Dark chocolate liqueur and cream with a shot of vodka.
Desert Ghost Flower Notes of warm sand, rich amber and sweet cactus pear surround the delicate ghost flower.
Easter Lily Fresh and clear white lily notes with airy, slightly green and watery top notes. *Limited Edition*
Eucalyptus Spearmint Reduce fatigue and increase mental alertness while this refreshing blend of eucalyptus and spearmint calms the spirit.
French Gardenia Beautiful white blossoms enhanced with notes of sweet berries. *Limited Edition*
Fresh Brewed Coffee Start your day with a strong cup of freshly brewed Arabica beans with a splash of cream and sugar.
Fresh Linen This clean scent brings to mind crisp white sheets and soft fluffy towels swaying in a gentle summer breeze.
Frosted Carrot Cake Sweet, fresh baked carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.
Frosted Pumpkin** Fresh baked pumpkin rolls with spices, honey and maple topped with hints of sugary vanilla frosting.
Fruit Sorbet Fruit salad of, strawberry, apple and grapes.
Garden Party Spring flowers take center stage in this delightful scent while blackcurrant; white musk and sandalwood create an alluring trail. *Limited Edition*
Gardenia A summer bouquet of beautiful white flower blossoms.
German Chocolate Cake The aroma of fresh baked chocolate cake with notes of pecans, butter, vanilla, and coconut. Yum!
Ginger Gelato** Warming crystallized ginger blended into creamy vanilla gelato. **Spicy fragrances should be avoided by those with sensitive skin and are not recommended in hair products.**
Gingersnaps Spiced cookies with tantalizing hints of vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger.
Golden Apricot Juicy sweet apricots sprinkled with lemon and honey and spooned into a crunchy sweet crust. *Limited Edition*
Green Butterfly A refreshing blend of crisp green tea and fresh garden cucumbers.
Green Clover Aloe The cool, fresh aroma of green plants.
Green Goddess Citrus and anise give way to a heart of jasmine and lavender. Hints of warm musk and cedarwood form this fresh and clean masterpiece that Mother Nature herself would approve of.
Green Tangerine Bright orange tangerines blended with green basil and lime.
Green Tea Refreshing herbal green tea with a twist of lemon.
Green Tea & Ginger An herbal blend of fresh green tea and warm ginger.
Green Tea Soda Fragrant green tea with our ultimate fresh lemon soda.
Hazelnut Strong and sweet nutty blend of hazelnuts and vanilla.
Honey Blossom Sweet freshly spun honey enhanced by delicate spring florals.
Honey Hive Sweet, crunchy honey combs with smoky toasted notes.
Honey Nectarine Sun-sweetened nectarines are infused with golden honey.
Honeysuckle The sweet scent of yellow blossoms growing on a fence row.
Iced Pumpkin** Sweet, spice and everything nice! Wonderful fall blend of spicy pumpkin pie and vanilla cupcake.
Innocent Grace Sweet jasmine highlights this fresh blend of woodland fern and fresh flowers. A hint of spice warms a soft accord of orange blossom to create an enchanting harmony that balances with the base of white musk. *Limited Edition*
Irish Mocha A rich combination of creamy cappuccino, heavy cream and sugar, with a base note of rich dark chocolate.
Kudzu Blossom When you picture kudzu, you probably think of the unstoppable green vines that seem to cover everything in its path. If you look closely, you'll find rich grape-scented purple and magenta blossoms dotting the green foliage. This fragrance features a blend of grape and berry softened with hints of vanilla on a bed of bright green foliage.
Lilacs & Tulips Two of our favorite spring flowers come together in this beautiful blend!
Lullaby This mingling of delicate flowers and soft white baby powder brings visions of Mom rocking her little one to sleep.
Mama's Garden A lush garden filled with Mama's favorite flowers of peonies, roses, and lilies balanced by a touch of sweet fruity notes.
Mandarin Bamboo Soft dusky notes of green bamboo mixed with mandarin orange and exotic florals.
Marigold Blossom The sweet aroma of these golden yellow blooms is one of my Fall favorites!
Mayan Chocolate When we happened across the ice cream that inspired this scent, we knew we just had to duplicate it! Known as the “food of the Gods”, ancient Mayans blended richly decadent dark chocolate with a sprinkle of seasoning to create a hot, frothy drink. We’ve kicked things up a notch with a ribbon of hot fudge to create this scent of the Gods!
Meadow Violets A field of violets glistening in the morning dew.
Milk & Honey Creamy milk meets wild honey to form a wonderfully fresh aroma. This is not a "foody" scent!
Mineral Springs Close your eyes and imagine standing on the edge of an ocean’s cliff with the salty sea spray kissing your face and the roar of the waves rushing against the rocks at the bottom. This fragrance reminds me of just that – a truly relaxing yet exhilarating feeling! This fragrance is crisp and clean with healing notes of salty waters.

Mint Grapefruit Juicy and tart citrus with refreshing mint and hints of soft musk.
Moonlight Path Soft powdery blend enhanced by jasmine, violets and magical as the name implies!
Mossy Oak A classic oakmoss type with a tobacco leaf top-note, a green, herbal hay-like middle-note, and a woody, mossy, musky base-note.
Mossy Woods A blend of jasmine and rose on an undertone of cedarwood and patchouli with a strong background of moss.
Muscadine The fantastic fragrance of grapes that grow wild in the South.
Nectarine Mint Juicy nectarine meets fresh mint leaves. *Limited Edition*
Oatmeal Cookie A yummy, spice-free oatmeal cookie loaded with vanilla and baked to perfection.
Peach Cheesecake Glistening peach jam swirled into luscious cheesecake atop a graham crust.
Peach Fluff Sweet, ripe peaches topped with fluffy marshmallow cream and vanilla.
Peach Melon A bowl of perfectly ripe juicy peaches and honeydew...a perfect summer fragrance!
Peaches & Dreams Lusciously sweet peach perfume meets French vanilla ice cream.
Pear Berry Perfect sweet and fruity blend of pears and berries. So perfect for spring and summer!
Pear Glace Ripe pears with tiny hints of lemon, orange, jasmine and muguet are blended with a powdery soft base.
Peony Petals A delightful bouquet of beautiful pink petals. *Limited Edition*
Peppermint Schnapps Strong, bracing peppermint with a slightly tipsy undertone.
Persephone's Kiss A seductive, blend of forbidden pomegranate, light spices, and patchouli with sparkling citrus and berries.
Pink Butterfly Beautiful pink jasmine softened with vanilla and light woodsy notes.
Pink Champagne The lovely aroma of ripe juicy berries and fizzy champagne in a bouquet filled room.
Pink Cupcake Yummy fluffy cakes swirled with berries and topped with fluffy frosting.
Pink Dogwood A crisp blend of airy ozone with fern fougere and semi-sweet dry floral finishes anchored by a hint of guiacwood and wisps of light transparent musk. *Limited Edition*
Pink Magnolia Top notes of sweet southern honeysuckle, with a hint of jasmine and a perfect nuance of tuberose. As sexy and intoxicating as the gorgeous mauve blossoms we await every spring! *Limited Edition*
Pink Musk A surprise hit! Delicate lily of the valley perfectly blended with sugared strawberries and pink grapefruit on a base of sandalwood and musk. *Limited Edition*
Plumberry Spice A fresh, spice-kissed plum enhanced by ripe berries.
Pomegranate Champagne A sparkling bouquet of grapefruit, lemon & orange underlined by crushed pomegranate seeds.
Pound Cake Freshly baked pound cake with hints of vanilla.
Pumpkin Smoothie Sweet pumpkin whipped into a frothy vanilla smoothie.
Purely Herbal Fresh herbal blend, perfect for young or old!
Purple Butterfly A positively sexy blend of sweet vanilla top notes, a floral heart, and a base of blackberry musk with touches of amber. Wear this incredibly intoxicating concoction when you want to shout "woman" yet whisper "sweet innocence".
Quince & Sweet Fig Ripe figs and quince, with hints of apple and plum, infused with sweet vanilla.
Raspberry Crumb Cake** Delicious cinnamon crumb cake topped with sun-ripened raspberry jam. **Spicy--not recommended for sensitive skin or hair products!**
Red Sandalwood Deep woody notes lead to a lingering powdery bottom.
Red Velvet Cake Blood-red, cocoa-infused cake with cream cheese frosting.
Rendezvous Lovers meet in the moonlit woods where their contented sighs are carried on a breeze with night-blooming florals, deep evergreen, woods, and amber.
Rice Pudding Creamy pudding flavored with vanilla and brown sugar then sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg.
Rooibos Tea A silky smooth vanilla element wraps around strong Rooibos tea notes, with fresh fig and subtle Malabar pepper giving depth while the dry down reveals soft musk and a delicately sweet nutty finish.
Rosemary Fig Green figs perfectly blended with fresh-picked herbal rosemary sprigs. *Limited Edition*
Sandalwood Pear Perfectly ripened and luscious pear blend with sweet incense and sandalwood. Layers of ethereal sweetness interweave with notes of astringency and drops of nectar. Opening with a light green accord, the fragrance features ripe Bosc pear and Carambola fruit. At its heart there lies a subtly blended spice bouquet of nutmeg, pepper, cyphre, red oak, sandalwood flower and saffron. Enduring base notes lead with Mysore sandalwood, supported by patchouli, cypress, moss and musk.
Sheer Freesia Delicate petals resting on a cloud of white musk.
Southern Comfort This blend captures the unique fragrance of a favorite southern liqueur made from the careful blending of fruit, spice, and whiskey.
Sparkling Soda Touches of lavender and mint transform grapefruit into a fresh blend reminiscent of bubbly ginger ale.
Spiced Pudding** Rice pudding filled with cinnamon, vanilla milk, raisins and a dash of ginger and nutmeg.
Spiced Sugar Plums Luscious plums and sweet lively berries with a hint of spice.
Spicy Apples & Peaches Warm sweet blend of fresh apples and mulling spices with a light pineapple and peach background
Spring Strawberry Juicy red strawberries surrounded by delicate green leaves. *Limited Edition*
Strawberry Drops We were surprised to learn that many people like the sweet, slightly artificial version of strawberry found in candies and old-fashioned air fresheners and personal care products. Who knew?? *Limited Edition*
Strawberry Preserves This sugary sweet syrupy strawberry reminds me of that first whiff upon opening the bowl to prepare strawberry shortcakes! *Limited Edition*
Sucre Bleu Toasty notes of caramelized sugar yield to woodsy cedar and warm tonka bean followed by herbs, spices, and mandarin. Unmistakably masculine yet requested by women, too!
Sugar Blossom White spring flowers include jasmine, magnolia, and lily of the valley are combined with bergamot, lemon, and grapefruit. Base notes of vanilla, caramel, and sensual amber add the finishing touch to this lovely fragrance.
Sugar Bubbles A very nostalgic fragrance...girls (and boys) of any age will remember tubs overflowing with "pink" bubbles, the signature sugared berry scent, and pruny fingers and toes from hours spent in the bath!
Sugar Wafer Crispy thin wafer cookies stacked with layers of sweet sugary creme. A lighter foody scent for summer and oh, so yummy!!!
Sugared Almond Luscious bitter almond paste blended with sweet sugar.
Sugared Citrus Bright, lively citrus fruits sprinkled with sugar...yummy and refreshing!
Sugared Violets A beautiful blend of sugar-dipped violets, vanilla musk, and hints of Chambord. Sweet and not too heavy on floral notes, this is our current favorite in our Eau de Parfum!
Sunrise Smoothie Start the day off right with Italian blood orange juice and ruby red grapefruit blended into smooth, creamy vanilla.
Sun-sweet Strawberry Sun-ripened red berries on the vine, basking in the warm sun.
Sweet Almond Muffins Lightly sweetened, fluffy almond muffins topped with toasted almonds and a sprinkling of poppy seeds!
Sweet Milk With notes of rich milk sweetened with extra sugar and vanilla pods, this scent reminds of opening a can of sweetened condensed milk but even better than the real thing!
Sweet Potato Pudding Sweet potatoes, brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg topped with toasty, melted marshmallow.
Sweet Temptation A sexy, citrusy blend of pineapple, peach, Brazilian orange, and lemon combined with Egyptian jasmine, musk, and amber.
Sweet Tooth Candied cherries and fruits, along with frosting sprinkles and powdered sugar sit atop a buttery sweet sugar cookie coated in frosting.
Toasted Vanilla Warm vanilla with toasty sweetness.
Tranquil Sleep Ease your stresses and drift off to dream with this soft blend of lavender, sweet vanilla, and white flowers.
Vanilla Cake A rich sweet cake is spiked with Kentucky bourbon to bring out the luxuriance of the vanilla bean. This warm and sensual scent conjures up homey pleasures fresh from the kitchen.
Vanilla Fairy Floss Airy and sweet white spun sugar.
Vanilla Gelato Sweet, old fashioned Italian frozen vanilla gelato.
Vanilla Ice Cream Sweet vanilla bean flecked ice cream.
Vanilla Nut Bread Creamy warm vanilla and walnuts are baked into golden sweet bread.
Vanilla Velvet Sweet candied vanilla with hints of brown sugar.
Vibrant Violet The lavish floral heart pairs sweet bergamot and delicate violet - it's a fresh gentle breeze from a lush Italian oasis. The middle notes of sparkling citron and fresh pear are seated upon a delicate base of soft sandalwood.
Violets & Violas A meadow of misted violets and jasmine are warmed by amber woods and softened by sheer musk. *Limited Edition*
Water Blossom & Ivy The beautiful aroma of flowers surrounding a garden pond.
Watermelon Sherbet Ripe, juicy melon floating in creamy vanilla.
Weeping Willow Dew laden willow branches surrounded by a field of wild clover. *Limited Edition*
White Butterfly As sheer and delicate as butterfly wings, the beauty of this fragrance lies in feminine notes of rose and peony, tempered with mandarin, and grounded in amber and musk.
White Magnolia & Pistachio Lemony white blossoms blended with nutty pistachio oil, vanilla, and creamy coconut. *Limited Edition*
Wild Fig & Cassis The delicious scent of sun-warmed figs and delicate cassis envelopes you in the warmth of the Mediterranean sun. Take a morning walk through a fig orchard in Tuscany, if only in your mind!
Wild Island Fruits A tropical blend of island grapefruit, coconut, and fresh mango with hints of other fresh fruits.
Wildberry Musk A sensual mixture of wild ripe berries with warm musk...deeply intoxicating!
Wisteria Lane At the heart of this floral blend, you'll find beautifully redolent purple blossoms stirring in a warm breeze.

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