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Scent Descriptions


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Rainforest Collection
Take a fantastical journey through the lush Amazonian rainforests of Brazil. The delicate petals of pink hibiscus flutter in a breeze filled with sweet mangoes, ripe bananas, and tart acai berries found only at the tip-top of the Acai palm trees. Indulge in our lusciously light yet moisturizing Body Sorbet and thick, rich and buttery Sugar Scrubs and spend every shower immersed in the lush foliage surrounding an Amazon waterfall!

pink hibiscus acai body sorbet and sugar scrub

banana orchid body sorbet

Banana Orchid
Body Sorbet

pink hibiscus & acai berry body sorbet

Pink Hibiscus & Acai
Body Sorbet

banana orchid sugar scrub

Banana Orchid
Sugar Scrub

pink hibiscus & acai berry sugar scrub

Pink Hibiscus & Acai
Sugar Scrub

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