The best time to play and work with your garden is during the spring season and make it look amazing. To help you with that, we have compiled the following easy tips you can use for you to maintain your garden all throughout the year. Regardless if you want to have invited over your loved ones for a BBQ party outdoors or you just want to stay on a nice place where you can relish your gardening tasks, check out these hacks and see if it works for you: 

Keep up the trellis, gates, and fences 

Have such maintenance tasks out of the way today and make sure to maintain your trellis, gates, and fences. Also, change any broken structures or segments if there’s any and deep clean them. You can clean them using a stiff brush to easily get rid of stubborn grime. But, you can also resort to utilizing a power washer to guarantee that they will be as clean as possible for only a short span of time.  

Get rid of pests 

Eliminating any hibernating nests now can help you save plenty of issues that emerge during summer and springtime. Make sure to inspect your plants for aphid, snails, and slugs colonies and do what you have to do for you to remove them. Keep in mind that utilizing organic pests solutions instead of harmful solutions in your yard/lawn is always the best idea. This will help secure wildlife as it keeps you to have a healthy garden.  

Sow seeds that will need a longer season 

In the month of January and February, you can begin to sow the seeds of some plants that require a longer growing time. Here are some of them: 

  • Aubergines 
  • Peppers 
  • Antirrhinum 
  • Begonias 
  • Geranium 

To guarantee that they grow nicely, you should use a heated propagator.  

Clean up your borders and beds 

Begin by doing general cleaning of your borders and beds that have debris and leaves. Now is also the perfect time to trim and reduce the dead growth from deciduous grasses. However, if you would like your garden to become wildlife-friendly, you can choose to let this slide until early spring. Also, clear beds and borders back to bare soil and get rid of weeds.  

Trim your trees 

When your trees are becoming close to your roof or the side of your home then it is time to cut them. They may even block your yard once you neglect to trim your trees for a long time or leave it too late, hence, the can really be very bothersome.  

Just know that when you’re planning to contact tree professionals and use their tree service, make sure to do it today. You should never wait for another day to attend such an issue because they could become worse day by day. The lawn and tree experts can surely recommend some services that would be best for your tree or lawn issues that you’re currently encountering.